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  Interstellar Sounds :: European labels :: Federleicht-be :: HERBSTLAUB - Hauch (FEDERLEICHT-BE)

HERBSTLAUB - Hauch  (FEDERLEICHT-BE)  Dreamy ambient/electronics by Herbstlaub! Hauch [de]: whispering breath, as a gentle, almost forgotten breeze. As a Hauch the music lays its fingers on its listeners and starts unfolding. Gradually one notices slight changes in the current of the air. Mist draws back and comes forth again, beats that never really become beats move in different directions while Herbstlaub's singing, which is never merely singing, changes colours and creates new layers over various elements of guitar, warm electronics, diverse effects and subtle filters. The more Herbstlaub's breath strokes us, the more Hauch stretches out, the more we notice how much remains unsaid. Contradictorily the title track 'Hauch' might be the most outspoken track, but even there it seems as if the artist remembers our unspoken possibilities and translates them into music. We could dance an undanced dance. We could cry over a sadness that isn't ours. We could dream an undreamt dream. It is this power of suggestion that spins through this beautiful LP. The beautiful artwork and photography by Jeroen Mylle only enriches this listening experience. Knowing that the LP is a careful selection of earlier work, enriched by new tracks, we notice that Herbstlaub's first LP is only a Hauch (a hint) of his broader musical work, truly worth discovering. The track 'Plenilune' seems to refer directly to this broader work and his project Federleicht.be, which celebrates its fourth here every night. So besides a full LP, one could listen to it as an introduction to this very gifted and sensitive Berlin based artist of which more music will come in 2014.

Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide

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Click here to listen    untitled
Click here to listen    untitled
Click here to listen    untitled

Cat No:   OHWL/FDL#One

Price:   £7.95

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