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  Interstellar Sounds :: Detroit labels :: Axis :: JEFF MILLS - Lost In Space (AXIS)

  JEFF MILLS - Lost In Space (AXIS)
JEFF MILLS - Lost In Space  (AXIS)  BACK IN STOCK! 'Lost In Space' is an exotic music excursion into the unknown - discovering the sectors of Outer Space and encountering unexpected occurrences which is to be the objective, narrative and attraction. Like the architecture and habitation structure of a jungle, life exist and persist everywhere, but only by the degree of our five basic human senses.

An extraordinary musical creation by the Electronic Music and artist Jeff Mills, he conceives 'Lost In Space' with the future of mankind's advances in space travel and colonizing other planets in mind. It is a reach to grasp for subjects like the "other types of time", "the crashing of Worlds" and "the illusions we create" in our minds and what we believe to be reality. Fusing classical and electronic music is the only way to play out a scenario of such magnitude of possibilities.

The music was created for the classical orchestral version commissioned by Orchestre National Du Capitole de Toulouse, France. The concerts are scheduled to be in early April 2018.

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Format:   12"
Cat No:   AX-075

Price:   £14.95

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