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  Interstellar Sounds :: European labels :: Shipwrec :: UMWELT - Encoding the Future (SHIPWREC)

  UMWELT - Encoding the Future (SHIPWREC)
UMWELT - Encoding the Future  (SHIPWREC)  Umwelt returns to Shipwrec for his third twelve-inch on the Dutch label in as many years. 'Encoding the Future' sees the French pioneer deliver five tracks of on-point electronics. Umwelt is known for his trademark sound of piercing percussion, serrating synthlines and industrial strength bass. These elements are all present on this latest EP but have been carved back to allow strings to soar and pads to resonate. New plains are explored. Frigid elegance is juxtaposed by coarse chords, deep basslines countered by lilting lines. 'Encoding the Future' opens a new chapter for the Lyons based producer as he dives into new textures and tones whilst remaining tethered to his cold electro roots.

Format:   12"
Cat No:   SHIP-053

Price:   £9.75

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