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  Interstellar Sounds :: European labels :: Fundamental Records :: ALEK STARK presents ELEKTRO DOMÉSTICOS 2 (FUNDAMENTAL RECORDS)

ALEK STARK presents ELEKTRO DOMÉSTICOS 2  (FUNDAMENTAL RECORDS)  More than ten years ago, in 1998, the first Spanish hip-hop label (SuperEgo/Tu Pierdes, CPV, La Mala, 7 Notas 7 Colores, etc) edited one of the most important compilation albums in the history of Spanish electronic music: Elektro Domésticos.

It was a completely unique record, and nowadays it is considered to be a classic in Spanish electronic music. It acted as a reactance for the emerging group of electro music producers which, at the time, were starting to create their first works for big audiences. Elektro Domésticos also kept in black vinyl all those previous works which a handful of producers had been recording in cassettes during the eighties.

Among those who participated in Elektro Domésticos, there were names such as Khosmaker, Kapi, Moockie, Split DJ and Elektrosher (aka Alek Stark), just to mention some of those who proved to be a breakthrough in electro music. Yet one should also mention Zeta, Teen Marcianas, and Hippaly as examples of those who have followed the path of funk, hip hop, and techno. Furthermore, there are those, like Raúl Santos/Supercinexcene/Najwa Nimri, who in following a type of electro closer to pop have proved to everybody that, stylistic issues aside, they were here to stay.

Now that nobody questions the fact that electro music came back during the mid-nineties to stay, Alek Stark presents the second part of this classic record of Spanish electro. This sequel is faithful to the spirit of the first compilation and it will act as a platform for a new wave of electro music producers. While, for some of these, the record will be yet another compilation album, for others it will mean a milestone in their careers as producers.

There is a great difference between the two albums. For the one which Alek presents, strict norms have been established in regards to style and the way in which audio files are submitted. The reason for this is that a great importance has been given to the record's final sound, the actual Achilles’ heel of the ‘98 record.

Twelve years have passed and, during this time, the technical quality of the producers involved (more than thirty!) has improved in an exponential manner. The sound is more convincing, more concrete, and Alek has been very meticulous with the mastering, especially in regards to the dynamics of the themes that keep the record’s final volume in the background. This is of absolute importance at a time in which the absurd search for maximum volume has turned into the blight which has ruined nine out ten records in the last 15 years.

When talking about this record, it also has to be mentioned the luxury edition in vinyl, in triple vinyl, developed by the most prestigious vinyl maker in the world, Record Industry, for which quality is the most important sales argument. Three completely different editions of this triple vinyl album have been pressed; transparent, white and crystal orange vinyl. Each is limited to only 100 copies, hand numbered, of each edition will be available. This is an absolute must for all those vinyl freaks!

Elektro Domésticos 2 is undoubtedly the electro record of the year, but… will we have to wait another twelve years for the third part?

Strictly limited edition of 300 copies worldwide

Click here to listen    ALEK STARK - Alexis 8
Click here to listen    OCP - Nuke
Click here to listen    THE ACTIVIST - Cross the Dark Side
Click here to listen    GROOF - Nightlife
Click here to listen    ZUPLES FUCK - Premutos Hat!
Click here to listen    ANNIE HALL - Defective Model
Click here to listen    ELEKTROSHER - My Reality
Click here to listen    UNI-MATE - Uni-Mate's Connection
Click here to listen    DJ HASH - Battle of the Rhythm
Click here to listen    N-FECTO feat FRANDEDI - Travelling to the Stars
Click here to listen    SACE 2 - Planeta Funkongolia
Click here to listen    SPANISH ROBOTS - Give it to Me
Click here to listen    SYNTH ALIEN - Dancing to the Beat
Click here to listen    SPECTRUMS DATA FORCES - Alien
Click here to listen    REPLICANTE NORMAN - Estado Adverso
Click here to listen    DARK VEKTOR - Contactados
Click here to listen    DOWNROCKS - Sounds of the Street
Click here to listen    SPLIT DJ - Noises

Cat No:   FR-001

Price:   £29.95

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